Stoney Trail Mazda Gift Cards


Can I use multiple gift cards?

Yes, you can redeem as many gift cards as you’d like!

Can I reload my gift card?

Absolutely! Just visit us to load more money onto your card.

Can I return an order when I use a gift card and/or a credit card?

Of course! We're truly sorry if anything or your order didn't totally knock your socks off. If you aren't satisfied with any item in your order, please call us at 1-403-705-4040 or email us at A refund will be issued on the credit card for the exact amount with that payment method. Please note that if you paid for your order with a gift card, we will create a new gift card and send it to you when we receive your return..

My balance doesn’t seem right. What can I do?

Make sure you check your balance from the correct country. If something still doesn’t seem right, please call us at 1-403-705-4040 or email us at You can also view the history of your gift card usage (include link above)