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At Stoney Trail Mazda, We’ve Got You Covered …Literally!


At Stoney Trail Mazda, we’ve always had you covered, but now the phrase takes on a whole new – literal – meaning!

Stoney Trail Mazda has always been your top destination for high-quality innovative Mazda vehicles in Calgary, Alberta and surrounding regions. Well now, finding your next dream Mazda vehicle at our dealership just got a bit cooler! To protect our large inventory of high-quality Mazda vehicles from the sun, rain or harsh Canadian winter, Stoney Trail Mazda has just made the investment of a lifetime!

With the purchase of over half a million dollars worth of large outdoor tents, Stoney Trail Mazda will be able to protect their fleet of cars – and their customers  from the elements all year round.

Don't take our word for it though. Visit us at Stoney Trail Mazda today to check out our brand-new set-up in person, or you can browse our photo gallery below to see them for yourself!

And remember: at Stoney Trail Mazda, we’ve got you covered! 

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